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Driver's licences


Driver's licences

Validity of Italian driver's licences in Ontario (Canada)

In Ontario, a person is allowed to drive for up to three months with a valid Italian driver's licence, after which a Canadian driver's licence is required. An Italian driver's licence cannot be converted directly into a Canadian licence, a driver's test is therefore necessary. It should also be noted that rental car companies often require a translation of the licence into English. Furthermore, it is possible to drive in Ontario for one year with an international driver's licence, which must be obtained in Italy prior to leaving.

Obtaining a Canadian driver's licence based on a valid Italian driver's licence

To obtain a Canadian driver's licence, please contact the Ministry of Transportation, Driver and Vehicle Licensing: Tel. n. 416-235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445 or alternatively, go to: or

Renewal of Italian driver's licences

This Consulate General may renew Italian driver's licences provided that they have not been expired for more than three years or issued according to article 119, 2-bis and 4 of the Highway Code. The renewal period starts from the date indicated on the medical certificate (see the applicable form), which must be prepared by a doctor accredited by this Consulate (click here). 

Driver's licences of categories A and B will be renewed for 10 years if the holder is less than 50 years old, for 5 years if the holder is over 50 and for three years if the holder is over 70. Furthermore, special categories, such as C licences or driver's licences issued to disabled persons, may only be renewed for 5 years irrespective of the category. The consular fee to renew a driver's licence is composed of two components; a national fee applicable to all applications to government offices and the fee for consular declarations. To verify the amount please visit the Resources page of this website (this amount varies with the exchange rate). People who  repatriate to Italy are required to validate the renewal at  “Dipartimento per i trasporti, la navigazione e i sistemi informativi e statistici” or via an authorized Agency.

Repatriation of an Italian citizen holding a Canadian driver's licence

The holder of an international driver's licence, issued by a foreign government that is not a member state of the European Union, may drive in Italy the categories of vehicles for which the international licence was issued, provided that he/she has not resided in Italy for more than one year. If the licence holder remains in Italy for more than one year or establishes residence there permanently, an Italian driver's licence is required.

Updated on 27/01/2016